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The eco hotel in Trentino to live a zero-impact holiday!

Looking for an eco-hotel in Trentino? Do you want to live a dream holiday but are you worried about the impact that your comforts can have on the environment?

At the Pineta we have adopted eco-friendly energy and building solutions: solar panels, biodegradable wrappings, organic and local products, biomass heated wellness centre, option to recharge bikes and electric cars. Year after year we have become a true eco hotel in Trentino!

We like to think that change also comes from small daily gestures. For this reason we have adopted a philosophy aimed at minimizing environmental impact... By booking a holiday at the Pineta you, too, will enter the virtuous circle of sustainable and responsible tourism in Trentino!

Your ecological hotel to discover Trentino

We are born in the midst of nature. We share nature with our days, our work, our days off. We see it change day by day with the seasons, it marks our life, and it is always in the background of our memories. That is why we are constantly adopting new solutions that are good for the environment and for us all!

In concrete terms, what makes the Pineta an ecological hotel in Trentino?

  • We use recyclable and biodegradable materials: personal hygiene packaging is recyclable, as is the food packaging in our kitchen.
  • We choose detergents with the lowest environmental impact, without ever neglecting the hygienic needs of the Resort.
  • We sort the trash and ask you to sort it.
  • Health and food traceability: our chefs only select organic and local products. Also for this reason, our Osteria Tipica has received the Slow Food certificate!
  • The energy is renewable: we have installed a photovoltaic system. Stop and read our sign at the entrance and you will realize how many kw of energy the sun produces as well as how much CO2 you can save! The panels also heat the water in the chalets, the kitchen and the wellness centre.
  • We build according to the Green Building philosophy: all new buildings have a low environmental impact. Bio-architecture is the hallmark of our new Alpine chalets.
  • Biomass boiler, an all-natural warmth for our eco hotel in Trentino. The use of wood chips, i.e. local wood processing waste, minimises emissions.
  • We provide guests with electric bikes with pedal assistance (e-mtb) to explore the area ecologically.
  • At the Pineta you will even find TESLA columns for the free recharging of your electric cars.
  • We use Grander technology to vitalise the water in our mountains: this allows us to use less chlorine in the pools of the wellness centre and to reduce the use of detergents.
  • Hotel Ecolabel: we have also obtained this prestigious environmental certification for tourism! The Ecolabel rewards those who voluntarily choose to invest in environmental protection. And now ... we are part of the circuit of the Economy of the Common Good!

A hotel immersed in the nature of Trentino

Nature is relaxation, serenity, balance, but also vitality, joy and energy!
The Pineta is a hotel immersed in the nature of Trentino: surrounded by woods, mountains, meadows, pastures.
Spending a holiday at the Pineta allows the natural environment to be the focus of your stay.

The properties of wild mountain herbs

We like our guests to discover the benefits of herbs and wild flowers. These concentrates of beneficial properties are born spontaneously in our mountains. Let's discover them together!

In Spring we take you to the meadows to collect dandelion, a plant with special anti-inflammatory, diuretic and purifying properties for the body. Its leaves are rich in vitamins, iron, potassium and zinc... With a little seasoning they also become an excellent bitter and digestive salad!

Are you lovers of herbal tea? Every Tuesday evening our friend Eddy, producer of Brolio herbal teas, will explain the beneficial effects of the infusion of herbs and flowers of the mountain.

All the good that comes from nature: the pine tree

In our rooms we have adopted completely natural solutions to improve the quality of sleep and keep mites and allergies away.
We are talking about pine furniture, a special wood with proven beneficial properties: it relaxes, improves the quality of sleep, promotes the recovery of energy and stabilizes the body temperature during sleep. A precious wood that alone can relax and soothe us.

A holiday without a car

It seems impossible, but spending an entire holiday without a car in Trentino is possible!

In our territory, public transport is in fact efficient: buses, couriers, but also regional trains, connect the whole region with frequency and punctuality. In both summer and winter, a large number of extra routes are created to connect the tourist resorts to the ski slopes and the most popular natural attractions.

The Trentino Guest Card, always included in your stay at the Pineta, guarantees tourists unlimited access to public transport in the region ... A real cure-all especially for the environment but also for large families!

Hurry up and feet on the pedals!

At the Pineta, the sustainable tourism traditional of Trentino finds its maximum expression in the outdoor active life. If you stay at the Pineta you can simply throw a backpack on your shoulders and leave the resort: you will find yourself immediately in the woods. There are many paths in the vicinity: you can discover them for yourself or follow Nicola every morning and gain the benefits of his famous “7000 steps of well-being”.

The Pineta is located on the edge of the Adamello Brenta Natural Park, one of the oldest natural parks in Italy.

The Park covers 620 square kilometres and embraces the territory between the Val di Non, the nearby Val di Sole and the Giudicarie: an uncontaminated environment in which the peaks of Adamello, Presanella and the white massifs of the Brenta Dolomites stand out. Book a holiday and discover a real natural paradise: hiking, biking, climbing, photography, tastings in huts and refuges, walks for children ... we have something for everyone!

The bike is the ecological means par excellence, the one with which you can move calmly and at your ideal speed. The only emission of the "two wheels" is your breathing during the climbs. Are you guys really out of practice? The Pineta offers you the opportunity to experience the thrill of a ride with e-bikes, pedal-assisted bicycles: less effort, more miles covered, and you get to every destination satisfied!

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