Treatments and wellness bath with Alpicare products…

The herbs and the fruits from our mountains will cuddle your mind, your body and your skin. Take an advice from our beauty expert and find the best massage or bath for you! The new Alpicare treatment take advantage from the synergy of the functional ingredients coming from the Alps and help the wellness and the beauty of your body. Come in the beautiful world of the Alps tradition and try a first class treatment….


Try the essence of the active ingredients of the Alps and the personalize technique of our beauty expert. The Alpicare massage follow a determinate path to help the detoxification, regeneration and relaxation of the body. Ask an advice to our beauty team.

Total body massage – HEALTH ‘45 minutes € 65

  • With hay flowers and Juniper to give to your body distension and strength. Try the pleasure of this massage to regenerate your mind.
  • With thyme and pine to tone and purify the body. The deep relaxation induced by these massage gives vitality to the skin and strengthens to the nerves.
  • With Arnica and Hypericum to regenerate and revitalize body and spirit. This alpine massage is not only a balm for the soul but gives new life to tired joints and muscles.

Total body massage – CARE ‘45 minutes € 65

  • With Chamomile and Calendula is an ideal treatment for tired skin. Experience the pleasure of this alpine beauty massage, soothing and regenerating together.
  • With Apple and Rosehip is a special gift for mature skin. This Alpine beauty massage gives the skin elasticity and freshness.
  • With Grape Seed and Grape Seed Oil is a refreshing cocktail for your skin. A gentle touch with the antioxidant action of these delicate oils.

Benefit Bath in the cradle Thermo – HEALTH ‘45 minutes € 42

  • With Mountain Mud and pine. A real "must" of well-being for lovers of mountain traditions. The pine has a perfume that reminds the walking in the woods and thanks to its detoxifying properties, in combination with fine-grained sediments, helps the regeneration of the tissues. As a result of detoxification, the skin will appear healthy, bright and radiant.
  • With hay and juniper flowers. You’ll feel new, relaxed, stronger. Herbs carefully selected from the meadows of the Dolomite mountains combined with the soothing magic power of juniper, will alleviate the fatigue of the joints after a day of hiking on our mountain trails. This plant was already used in the Middle Ages. The people used to soak a sheet with juniper vapour and wrapping it on the body of people suffering from rheumatic and joint pain. Through the sweats and thanks to the juniper the sick person were relieved.
  • With thyme and pine. Detoxify your body and relax. A Great reactivating of the blood circulation the thyme stimulates cell renewal and strengthens the nerves .. combined to the rebalancing action of the pine, is a great remedy not only for your respiratory system but also for your mental well-being.
  • With Arnica and Hypericum. Let yourself be carried away by the strength of the Arnica. Ideal before and after sports activities, this healthy bath provides new energy to the joints and the muscles. The powerful combination of arnica and the hypericum relieves muscle tension caused by physical stress and help the people with stress and nervousness.

Benefit Bath in the cradle Thermo – CARE 30 minutes € 42

  • With Calendula and Chamomile. help your skin off and damaged with the gentle caress of the chamomile and the calendula. The union of these two plant helps the cell regeneration giving a softening and soothing effect on irritated skin: the skin becomes radiating and splendour and the colour more natural.
  • With Grape seed and Thorny. Regeneration and relaxation for stressed skin. A real cocktail of vitamins which protects from the oxidative stress and gives a pleasant feeling of well being .. rich in polyphones acts against premature skin aging and gives skin a silky texture.
  • With Apple and Rosehip. Give yourself a fruity and sensual beauty bath. Apples, with vitamins and minerals, are an ideal fruit for the regeneration of mature skin. The combination with the precious musk rose oil help the cell regeneration reducing dehydration of the skin. Your skin will be fresh elastin and vital…


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