New gym Boulder

The new gym Boulder in Smarano is open for our guests!!! If you are a fan of this sport, keep all you need and you could enjoy the opportunity.

The rules to use the bouldering wall

  • Before starting the climbing on the boulder is important to control the right position of the protection mattresses in order to soften any type of fall from the panel.
  • On each single boulder field is allowed to climb only one person a time
  • Is not allowed to stop on the mattresses while the other climbers are climbing, unless you face assistance to prevent falling.
  • Is not allowed to use the harness or other blunt elements that can damage the protection mattress.

General technical rules

  • Inside the gym is necessary using clean shoes and are not allowed stay without footwear
  • For using the walls is necessary to wear clean and dry climbing shoes. Other type of footwear are not allowed except for the training shoes to test the gym. You have to ask to the neofi.
  • In the gym area is forbidden to smoke, eat and take every kind of  animals.
  • Is not allowed to use the magnesite powder
  • Is allowed for everyone to use the liquid magnesite. Don’t take the magnesite bag in the climbing area (while you are taking the steps) and don’t place it on the mattress. The bags that contain the liquid magnesite must be left in the special spaces inside the gym.
  • Is forbidden to remove, move or add holds, support and outlets present in the structure. Any need for the restoration or technic intervention have to be immediately reported to the responsible  personnel  of the service, particularly in case of structural abnormalities (for example: loose screws, unstable elements or footings that run).
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