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New gym Boulder  27.09.2013 / 31.12.2016 The new gym Boulder in Smarano is open for... 50 € Treatment with our cosmetic personal line “Melhedonè”  17.12.2011 / 30.09.2017 Everybody is agree to say “ an apple every... 396€ Fit & Fun al Pineta ..  06.01.2015 / 25.12.2015 The Pineta Hotels is the perfect place for everyone... 279€ BIKING IN TRENTINO! In the Dolomites  17.05.2015 / 24.05.2015 Trentino is the perfect place for the bike lovers!... 399€ Carpe diem and enjoy the Pineta in 36 hours! Experience the romantic atmosphere of our chalet! Give... 300€ At the Pineta is always Valentine’s day! In the romantic atmosphere of our chalet give to your... 499€ #Trentino Fishing… The holiday in Val di Non between fishing and relax  28.02.2015 / 03.11.2015 Were you looking for the holiday which connects your... 65€ Resonanz Massage - the new technique  18.09.2013 / 18.09.2015 The arnica and the iperico are medical herbs with... 299€ SNOWSHOES AND WELLNESS! A LOT OF FUN IN TRENTINO!  28.12.2014 / 31.03.2015 We offer the possibility to discover the fun of... 329€ FLOWERS OF PINETA  06.01.2015 / 26.12.2015 The flowers and fruits of our valley are the best... 340€ Melhedonè holiday  06.01.2015 / 06.03.2016 “Melhedonè” is a trip in the fantastic effects of... 35€ Treatments with the mountain's hay  22.12.2011 / 31.12.2015 wellness path with the mountain's hay suitable for... 309€ A LOT OF ADVENTURE IN THE NATURE!  01.05.2015 / 13.09.2015 The Non Valley and Predaia are the perfect places for... Castle and palaces in the Non valley  12.08.2012 / 31.12.2015 The Non valley is a land where you can... 580€ BabyMoon at the Pineta hotel  17.01.2014 / 31.12.2016 Babymoon…is for all the couples who are pregnant. It’s... 400€ The Chalet as your home!  14.09.2013 / 30.09.2016 Is the place where the king are the wellness...