599€ The Trentino Nature Pineta!  25.03.2014 / 31.12.2014 Taste, Relax, Discover and Try Trentino: this holiday will... 240€ At the Pineta is always Valentine's day in the romantic atmosphere of our rooms give yourself... 100€ Special packages of the Hedoné Nature Spa  21.01.2014 / 31.01.2017 Here is the special packages made from our beauty... 580€ BabyMoon at the Pineta hotel  17.01.2014 / 31.12.2016 Babymoon…is for all the couples who are pregnant. It’s... Ecotravel in holiday…  17.01.2014 / 31.03.2017 Do you have an eco travel?... The pineta hotel... New gym Boulder  27.09.2013 / 31.12.2016 The new gym Boulder in Smarano is open for... Rock climbing Gym in Val di Non  27.09.2013 / 31.12.2016 In Trentino there are a lot of climbing gyms.... 65€ Resonanz Massage - the new technique  18.09.2013 / 18.09.2015 The arnica and the iperico are medical herbs... 60€ The Sound massage  18.09.2013 / 18.09.2015 Thanks to the Tibetan bells, since ancient times, the... 380€ The Chalet as your home!  14.09.2013 / 30.09.2016 Is the place where the king are the wellness... Castle and palaces in the Non valley  12.08.2012 / 31.12.2015 The Non valley is a land where you can... 42€ Treatments and wellness bath with Alpicare products…  02.08.2012 / 31.12.2015 The herbs and the fruits from our mountains will... Anaunia Jacopeo path in the non valley  02.08.2012 / 31.12.2015 The Non valley seen through the eyes of the... Saint Romedio sanctuary in the Non valley  22.07.2012 / 31.12.2014 Near our hotel you can find the Saint Romedio... 10€ Adopt a blooming Apple tree!!  21.07.2012 / 31.12.2014 From the end of April in the Non valley... 35€ Treatments with the mountain's hay  22.12.2011 / 31.12.2015 wellness path with the mountain's hay suitable for... 85€ Phytomelatonin cosmetic line  19.12.2011 / 31.12.2015 After year of research now, we can use this... 60€ Blackcurrants cosmetic line  18.12.2011 / 31.12.2015 The rare Blackcurrants berry are grown and harvested by... 80€ “Nigritella” flower cosmetic line  18.12.2011 / 31.12.2015 In the middle of the Trentino’s fresh and scented... 50 € Treatment with our cosmetic personal line “Melhedonè”  17.12.2011 / 30.09.2017 Everybody is agree to say “ an apple every...


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